Looking Glass Demos

To view demo videos on a Looking Glass* Portrait device, proceed as follows:

  • Download the videos as .mp4 files from the following table. Do not change the file names, as they will be used by the playback software to show the videos correctly.
    Name Length File size
    Fashion 1 18 seconds 50 MiB
    Fashion 2 33 seconds 106 MiB
    Handshake 7 seconds 39 MiB
    Man 10 seconds 31 MiB
    Woman 1 22 seconds 63 MiB
    Woman 2 24 seconds 67 MiB

  • If not already done, install the "Looking Glass Bridge"* and "Looking Glass Studio"* programs.
  • Connect the Looking Glass* Portrait to your PC with the USB and HDMI cables and power it on.
  • On the PC, first start Looking Glass* Bridge, then start Looking Glass* Studio.
  • Drag the video files onto the Looking Glass* Studio window, and confirm importing them as "Quilt Photo / Video".
  • Now the videos may be played from Looking Glass* Studio, or be transferred to the device for watching in standalone mode.

Notice that the videos provided above are pre-rendered for the Looking Glass* Portrait: This means that they show a specific, pre-determined set of views of the hologram in this device's display resolution. This simplifies playback of the videos and enables them to be used in the Looking Glass* Portrait's standalone mode.

(*) Foreign trademarks are solely mentioned to indicate compatibility. No affiliation with or endorsement of ScannedReality by other companies is implied. All trademarks are properties of their respective owners.