Hologram videos in true 3D

ScannedReality's volumetric capture studio enables recording detailed hologram videos for a variety of applications:

Integrate lifelike holograms into your mixed reality apps, for example:

  • As virtual instructors in employee training or sports apps.
  • As tour guides or local people to make virtual tourism more lively.
  • As models to advertise for a fashion company.
  • To provide hologram interviews of celebrities for entertainment.

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Volumetric video screenshot of a woman holding a cat

Studio & Technology

Our volumetric film studio is located in Munich, Germany. It offers:

  • 32 RGB-D cameras with 96 camera sensors in total
  • Accurate reconstruction using our Computer Vision software
  • Fast processing from raw recording to hologram video

For viewing the results, we provide video playback software for many kinds of devices from phones to VR headsets, as well as for embedding on websites. See details.

Normal-vector-based rendering of two 3D models


Would you like to know more, or are you for example interested in a possible collaboration or partnership? Feel free to contact us anytime.

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A woman holding a cat and being recorded by a volumetric video system