At ScannedReality, we develop software for capturing, processing, and integrating volumetric videos.

Volumetric videos are lifelike holograms that completely capture a three-dimensional space. They may be viewed from any angle and may be used both as a tool for traditional filmmaking, and as a native video format for XR (AR / VR) devices.

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Still frame of a woman holding a present, taken from a volumetric video

Use cases

Our volumetric videos may be used for a variety of applications:

  • Meet an XR hologram of your favorite pop star / influencer / ...
  • Immersive music videos / virtual concerts in XR
  • Virtual production / VFX in filmmaking
  • Fashion presentation in XR
  • Marketing with AR holograms
  • Virtual instructors for XR training apps
  • And more

Integration into your application

Screenshot of people scanned as volumetric videos

What we offer

Software Licensing

Our volumetric capture software covers the process of recording volumetric videos up to their integration in applications.

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Studio Building

We help with building volumetric capture studios by providing our software and experience.

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Made with ScannedReality:

This Augmented Reality app by All Realities Software brings a patient virtual reader into your room who reads aloud a book. It decouples reading aloud from room and time, providing a reader for children who is always available.

The Reader


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