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Record with high-quality depth cameras

ScannedReality Studio supports Orbbec Femto Bolt and Microsoft Azure Kinect. These deliver some of the best depth image quality on the market.

Together with 4K color cameras, this makes them well-suited for high-quality volumetric video recording. ScannedReality Studio can record all cameras at full resolution, and even few cameras can achieve good results.

Sensor configuration with 10 Femto Bolt cameras

Calibrate within minutes

Use from one up to many calibration patterns in order to calibrate your stage in the way that fits your workflow best. Using many calibration patterns gets the most out of each calibration image.

Take images rapidly with remote control, compatible with all mobile devices with a modern web browser.

Volume setup screenshot with full point cloud

Take advantage of the XRV volumetric video codec

Video stabilization uses a constant mesh topology and texture map for subsets of video frames, allowing for efficient compression.

Motion tracking reconstructs the motion in-between video frames, allowing for fluid playback at high frame rates.

Optimized playback plugins can render XRV videos even on less powerful standalone XR headsets.

Video frames of a present being thrown into the air

Integrate your videos with ease

ScannedReality maintains easy-to-use plugins for efficiently integrating volumetric videos in the Unity1 and Unreal2 engines.

A JavaScript module is available for playback on the web, optionally with WebXR.

Videos can be exported as mesh sequences in standard formats (GLB, PLY, OBJ), which are compatible with Arcturus HoloEdit2.

Sample meshes may be downloaded here (GLTF 2.0 format, 11.4 MB).

Placing two volumetric videos in an Unreal Engine scene

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