Ideal for getting to know volumetric video

0 EUR / month

  • Supports up to 2 cameras
  • All 3D engine plugins
  • Web playback module

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Ideal for high-quality front-facing videos

275 EUR / month

incl. VAT, no additional costs

For businesses:
10% off with half-yearly payment

  • Everything in the Free tier, plus:
  • Supports up to 5 cameras
  • Priority support

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Ideal for fully spatial videos

550 EUR / month

incl. VAT, no additional costs

For businesses:
10% off with half-yearly payment

  • Everything in the Starter tier, plus:
  • Unlimited camera count
  • High-priority support

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Academic licenses

Get 30% off as a student or employee of an academic institution.
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Do you require custom support terms, custom feature development, or help integrating volumetric video in your application or website? Contact us to discuss individual offers.

Why ScannedReality?

Best-in-class volumetric video quality

Supporting 4K raw recording for each camera, ScannedReality Studio provides excellent texture detail for your videos.

Thanks to advanced motion tracking, videos are fluid and flickering is minimized.

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Three renderings of a person, one with standard texture, and two mesh visualizations

Full solution from recording to deployment

With ScannedReality's playback plugins that are fully available in the free tier, processed videos are immediately usable in Unity engine1, Unreal engine2, and on the web, including WebXR.

Audio recording, remote control support, and more features make ScannedReality Studio a powerful tool.

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A scene with many persons represented as volumetric videos


With the Femto Bolt and Azure Kinect, great results can be achieved with few cameras, keeping the costs low.

Get started for free with up to 2 cameras and upgrade once you are ready for the next level.

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Mesh of a person, with recording setup visualizations

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