Sensor configuration


In this setup step, the camera settings may be configured to obtain good images.

On the right, live video streams of all cameras are shown. Clicking a stream maximizes it. The type of stream (color, depth, or infrared) to show can be chosen with the “Show camera type” dropdown widget on the left.

Below this dropdown, the camera settings can be configured. Notice that these settings are split up into camera driver settings and software settings: Camera driver settings determine how the cameras record images. Software settings determine how the program processes these images. After recording a video, the video’s camera driver settings cannot be changed anymore, but the software settings can still be changed for existing recordings on disk.

For fine-tuning, it is possible to change camera driver settings for each camera individually. This can for example be helpful in case of camera hardware or lighting differences.

The available settings depend on the type of cameras that you use and are documented with each camera type: