This page explains the meaning of some terms, as they are used within the scope of this software documentation.

Calibration pattern

An object with a specific pattern that can be recognized and used by ScannedReality Studio’s camera calibration algorithm. See calibration patterns.

Depth camera

A camera device that records depth images. It may additionally also record color images.

Depth image

An image in which each pixel, instead of storing the measured color as in a standard color image, stores the depth of the scene at this pixel, as seen from the camera.


A single image out of a video.


A 3D reconstruction that was created from a recording. This includes snapshots and volumetric videos.

Reconstruction volume

The three-dimensional volume whose contents shall be reconstructed in 3D. Objects which are outside of this volume will not be reconstructed. The reconstruction volume is configured in this setup step.

Reconstruction settings

A collection of settings that influence how ScannedReality Studio reconstructs 3D objects. These focus on generic algorithm parameters, excluding case-by-case configuration such as the reconstruction volume setup, which are part of the recording setup instead.

Reconstruction setting preset

A set of specific values for the reconstruction settings, with an assigned name, which can be used for creating reconstructions.


A raw recording consisting of raw video data from one or multiple cameras, and possibly microphone data.

Recording setup

A collection of calibration and configuration values that influence how recordings are created, and how they are reconstructed. This includes the sensor configuration, sensor calibration, and the reconstruction volume setup. The recording setup focuses on often-changing configuration, excluding generic reconstruction settings, which are part of the reconstruction settings instead.


A camera or a microphone.


A 3D-reconstructed static mesh; the “photo” equivalent for volumetric videos. Snapshots are reconstructions.

Volumetric video

A 3D-reconstructed sequence of animated meshes. Volumetric videos are reconstructions.


A file system directory in which recordings and reconstructions are saved. Workspaces are configured in the recording settings group of the settings tab.