This page describes the settings tab in ScannedReality Studio.

To go to the settings tab, click on “Settings” in the tab bar at the top of the application window. If this button is not visible, then exit out of any nested screens first.

The following groups of settings are available in the settings tab:



Here, you may configure your workspaces and change the recording cache size.



In this section, certain camera settings can be configured, as well as which microphone(s) to use for recording audio.

The camera settings which are available here are those that would be expected to be configured once and then mostly left constant. Other camera settings that may depend on the recording situation and thus may be changed more frequently, such as gain or white balance, can be changed during the guided recording setup instead, or by selecting the sensor settings from within the recording screen.

The sensor settings here can only be changed while the sensors are not active. If they are active, you may stop them with the sensor status button.

Camera settings for Femto Bolt

Here, settings for Femto Bolt cameras can be changed. See the Femto Bolt documentation page for details on these settings.

Camera settings for Azure Kinect

Here, settings for Azure Kinect cameras can be changed. See the Azure Kinect documentation page for details on these settings.


In this section, the list of microphones to use for audio recording can be edited, and a technical setting for audio recording may be adjusted.



In this section, a setting to trade off between processing performance and memory use may be changed, and custom setting presets may be defined.

Remote control

The remote control settings are described on this separate documentation page.

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