Editing setting presets

This page describes the available options when editing a custom settings preset.


Many of these settings are intended for advanced users, enabling to fine-tune the reconstruction process.

We recommend reading the setting descriptions carefully before changing them, and always being aware that adjustments to these settings might not have the intended effects. Bad settings could lead to low-quality results, high processing times without an increase in quality, or crashes due to exceeding the available memory.

When adjusting these settings, we thus recommend making one change at a time, to evaluate the result of each change on multiple recordings by comparing to previous results without the change, and to keep only changes which clearly improve the results.

Surface reconstruction

Motion estimation

Texture mapping

Output configurations

Output configurations determine the number of triangles in the resulting meshes or videos. Multiple output configurations may be defined at the same time, which enables producing results with different quality / bandwidth levels in a single reconstruction process.

This can save time over running multiple reconstruction processes, as intermediate results early in the processing pipeline are shared between all outputs.


The user interface currently only fully supports the use of a single output configuration at a time.

Each configured output configuration has the following settings:


Memory limits

Settings in this section influence the memory usage of the reconstruction process and limit the reconstruction sizes. Higher setting values allow for larger reconstructions, but increase the memory usage for all reconstructions with this settings preset.


This section contains settings which may help diagnose issues with the reconstruction process.