Recording window


The recording window is displayed while recording a volumetric video. It shows the following information:

  • Duration: The recording duration of the video so far, in the format hh:mm:ss.

  • Dropped frames: The number of images that have been dropped while recording so far, i.e., images which were expected but not recorded by the camera, images which could not be transmitted to the PC, or images which could not be saved to disk. If a significant number of frames get dropped, this may indicate issues with the cameras’ USB connections or with the speed of processing the images.

  • Buffered data: The size of the accumulated video data, in Megabytes, which are pending writing to disk, compared to the configured maximum cache size.

  • Size on disk: The size of the recorded data so far, in Gigabytes, compared to the free disk space available for the workspace.

  • Estimated remaining: The estimated remaining recording duration until the disk is full. Notice that the images of some cameras such as the Azure Kinect and Femto Bolt are compressed if configured to MJPEG format. This means that that their size depends on the image content. In these cases, this time estimate is only an approximation, since it depends on the image content.

Ideally, both dropped frames and buffered data should stay at zero, as in the screenshot above. It is however normal that individual frames are occasionally dropped. This will hardly be noticeable in the result and is not completely avoidable: Frames may fail to transfer, or the operating system may prioritize other (background) tasks over the recording for short periods of time. A low amount of buffered data is normal as well, and will not cause any issue.

However, if you experience frequent dropped frames, or if the amount of buffered data consistently increases, then there is an issue that should be addressed. Please see here for troubleshooting.

The ■ Stop button will stop recording, bringing you back to the recording screen, ready to record more videos.

If you want to stop recording and preview the new video immediately, then click the ■ Stop & open button instead. Similarly, if you want to process the new video immediately, then click the ■ Stop & process button.