Meta Quest Demo

Our VR demo app for Meta Quest uses the Quest's passthrough mode and contains two volumetric videos that play alternatingly.

The easiest way to install the app is to get it from AppLab. Alternatively, it can be sideloaded onto a device with any method for installing APK files, for example, with SideQuest's advanced installer, or via ADB. After installation as APK, it can be started from the "Unknown Sources" section of the app launcher, which will list it with the title "ScannedReality VR Demo".

Download from AppLab: Link
Download as APK: Quest-VR-Demo.apk (110.7 MB)

App controls:

  • Move a controller while holding the grip button to drag the video.
  • Rotate a controller around itself while holding the grip button to rotate the video.
  • Click the trigger button to toggle the user interface and to click user interface elements when hovered.